h a p p Y n e s s
i'm jocelyn 17 mo, USA
i love piglets seals elephants, i like sparkling drinks, and i love winter :) :) :)
paperskulls-deactivated20130131 asked:
omggg looveee your blog so much <33

thank you soooo much :) 

un-ique-me asked:
what type of music do you prefer? i need to update my itunes, but i dont know what with?

hmmm well if you look at my playlist its a pretty good indication of the music i like, but i know pandora is really useful for finding new music - i really like dubstep and rap so like. zeds dead and bassnectar remixes of rap songs are gr8

petitpeach asked:
I love your blog xx

thanks so much :) x

s-abaat asked:
your blog is so pretty omg!

thanks so much! :)